Gearing up for Hunting Season

Gearing up for Hunting Season

Fall is finally here and its prime time for hunting. Whether you’re an archery fan or more keen on guns, investing in quality equipment can improve your comfort and success.

Staples of the Season

Hunting knife

A quality knife is invaluable whether you need to dress a kill or defend yourself.

Proper apparel

Camouflaged or blaze orange hunting clothing is necessary depending on habitat and weather conditions.

Trail markers

Trail markers or light strips help hunters avoid getting lost at dusk or dawn.


Every hunter can benefit from high-quality binoculars.

Tree Stand

A tree stand provides an elevated position and better vantage points.


If you have not yet purchased your hunting gear this year, stop by a Kidron Sports Center location to check out our large inventory. We are located in the heart of Amish Country in Northeast Ohio, just a short drive from many larger cities.


Important Hunting Dates in Ohio

September 29-February 3

Deer Archery Season

November 17-18

Youth Deer Gun Season

November 26-December 2 and December 15-16

Deer Gun Season

January 5-8

Muzzleloader Season

October 13-November 25

Fall Wild Turkey Season