I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie

I Like Big Bucks and I Cannot Lie

Deer season is finally here, and everyone is on the hunt for that once-in-a-lifetime buck. The current record for biggest non-typical whitetail deer shot by a hunter belongs to Stephen Tucker of Gallatin, Tennessee. He killed the 47-point trophy buck in 2016 with a muzzleloader. The buck was measured at 312 3/8 inches.

Another impressive hunt was recorded in 2017 by Jim Bebout of Stockport, Ohio. He shot a monster buck measuring 211 inches on October 26. According to outdoornews.com, Jim said “It took me 53 years to kill a big one, I’ve got three entries in the Ohio Big Buck Club, but nothing like this one … It’s a true giant.”

Dan Coffman of Junction City, Ohio had a taste of social media fame when pictures of his 300-inch non-typical buck blew up. Dan’s shoot was the biggest free-range whitetail buck of the 2015 season. According to wideopenspaces.com, If the score holds up it will be the second largest Pope & Young buck of all time.

19-year-old Luke Lohan landed a 27 point buck with a score of over 200 in 2017. The buck had been wandering through the Lohan family’s property for three years, captured by Luke’s trail cameras. The Toledo Blade reports that the Lohan buck is the largest taken by crossbow in Belmont County, and certainly one of the largest deer taken in the 2017 Ohio hunting season.