Elimitrax supplier in northeast Ohio

Elimitrax, the over-boot system used by hunters

to eliminate their scent trail.


- Undetected by professional tracking animals (in an independent test)

- Leaves NO human or rubber scent trail

- Includes carrying case


- Water-resistant

- Quiet

- Light-weight

- Strap-on conforms to the shape of your boot


    Regular rubber boots can create even more material odor than the leather and cordura boots that human odors so easily escape. The patented Elimitrax overboots use a new plastic specifically engineered to be 100% scent free while allowing absolutely no human odor to escape. Cover your boots with Elimitrax and hunt confidently, knowing that you are leaving absolutely no ground scent; even taller foliage and CRP grass remain as if you were never there. Your quarry simply won't know that they are being hunted!

Elimatrax Scent proof boot system.jpg