• Now with even greater Ozone output than before
  • Patented in-the-field ozone generator molecularly transforms and destroys human scent by altering the human scent code, rendering it unrecognizable to deer and other big game
  • Silent on/off operation at the touch of a button
  • Quiet built-in fan projects odor-destroying ozone over your scent zone
  • Features two levels of ozone output for blind hunting and treestand hunting (boost mode)
  • Built-in green utility lights illuminate without alerting nearby game
  • Built-in battery indicator shows current battery life left based on mode usage


  • Enhanced odor-destroying output: Up to 45 percent more ozone output
  • Enhanced user interface: Intuitive easy-to-understand functions for easy use with gloves and in the dark
  • Integrated Pulse Technology: Balances time and oxidant concentration to ensure the proper amount is deployed to deodorize your gear in conjunction with the DRiWASH bag--never too much and never too little
  • Integrated EZ Mount technology for quick and silent mounting
  • Newly developed Smart Battery designed to optimize per-session performance to gauge “hunt time” remaining
  • Smart Charger designed to maintain battery capacity for a greater period of time and extend the life of the Smart Battery
  • Unit weight: 16 ounces
  • Unit dimensions: 7” W x 2.5” H x 6.5” L

Kinetic Ozone System


The new Ozonics Kinetic Ozone System allows you to harness the power of Ozonics no matter where your hunt takes you. On your way into the stand, as you leave the stand, or while stalking your next trophy, let Kinetic and Ozonics take care of your scent zone – you take care of making the perfect shot. The Ozonics Kinetic Ozone System comes with a dedicated carry compartment in the upper section of the pack, to house your Ozonics Unit providing the most effective scent elimination while on the move. The upper section detaches for those times when you need scent elimination without the weight of the bottom pack. This system also features two lower compression straps for attaching jackets, camera tri-pods or other large accessories, and 1300 cubic inches of storage space for your gear

Dri-Wash Descenting System


Harnesses the scent destroying power of your Ozonics™ Unit by delivering ozone through-out the specially designed airflow system ensuring efficient and effective odor elimination. The Dri-Wash Descenting System is durable and quiet dual zippers for reliable, non-snag operation, with large finger pulls for easy access. Fully Deployed Dimension: 34” tall x 26” wide x 11” deep, and is constructed with oxidation resistant materials for rugged durability.

HR-300 Battery Charger


The Ozonics HR-300 Battery Charger (single) works in concert with the electronics in the smart battery to charge and maintain the smart battery at optimal levels. The Ozonics Smart Charger keeps the battery capacity at a higher level for longer period of time and also lengthens the useful life of the smart battery. Recharge your Ozonics HR300 XL rechargeable battery in approximately 6 hours. Note: this charger is for use with Ozonics HR300 unit only. Includes charger (AC only) and power cord

HR 150/200 Extended life battery


HR-150 & HR-200 battery charger

EZ mount


The Ozonics HR Mount EZ makes mounting your Ozonics™ unit quick and quiet, even in the dark; allows you to simply slide the unit into place, similar to a receiver hitch .The HR Mount EZ works with Ozonics™ HR-150, HR-200 and HR-300, and works with existing Ozonics™ Mounting System and with the Ozonics™ Extension Arm accessory.

Extension arm


The Ozonics HR Mount Extension Arm brings your Ozonics™ unit further away from the tree. This makes it easier than ever to maneuver your Ozonics™ in order to direct ozone downwind, especially out around the tree. The HR Mount Extension Arm works with any standard Ozonics™ Mounting System as well as Ozonics™ EZ Mount. Use the HR Mount Extension Arm to help provide greater flexibility when positioning your Ozonics™ Unit to deliver maximum ozone into your scent zone.

HR Unit Carry Bag

Ozonics HR carry bag.png

Carry your Ozonics HR-200 or HR-300 in the Ozonics HR Unit Carry Bag. The HR Unit Carry Bag comes with oversized zipper pulls for ease of use with gloved hands, added padding for superior protection, additional Side and Lid pouch, zippered Spare Battery pouch, buckled handle, and storable carrying strap. The HR Unit Carry Bag is light, weighing only eight 8.3 ounces