AimShot KT-Master-Red Laser Bore Sight Rifle Master Kit


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The KT-Master-Red AimShot Master Rifle Bore Sight Kit includes the modular .223 Red laser bore sight (MBS223) and 16 rifle arbors for a full kit! You will be able to bore sight most standard SAAMI calibers; from WSM to Weatherby, you are covered. Master Rifle kit includes the MBS223 red laser with external battery pack, two zippered pouches, and the following arbors: AR243, AR264, AR3006, AR3030, AR762, AR20GA, AR12GA, AR22-250, AR270WEA, AR270WSM, AR300WEA, AR300RSUM, AR375HH, AR7MWSM, AR8MM, and AR50.
Comes in two zippered pouches
Two AAA batteries (included) will power the laser for hours
You can sight in a multitude of weapons
Manufactured in accordance to the highest military and industry standards with cutting edge technology
Includes the modular .223 red laser bore sight (MBS223) and 16 rifle arbors for a full kit!


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