Bear Archery Crusader Bow Set 20# AYS6400


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The Bear Crusader Bow Set features durable composite limbs and riser, and it is for right or left hand. It has a 20-28 inch draw length, 10-20 pound draw weight, and is 51 inches overall. The set also includes two arrows, an armguard, an arrow quiver, a finger tab, and a target.
age 9 and up, used by left and right hands
includes crusader bow, 2 saftey glass arrows, an arm-guard, arrow quiver, finger tab, and target
51-inch overall bow length, 20-28 inch draw length and 10-20 pound draw weight
limbs 100% covered at no charge for first 5 years after purchase
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Dimensions 58.0 × 6.0 × 2.0 in

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