Bohning White Tiger Blazer Quik Fletch 6pk


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Get the Blazer vanes that you love in an easy to install Quik Fletch system.They easily install on arrow shafts with a diameter of 14/64″ to 24/64″.Each Blazer vane is set at atwo degree offset for optimal performance. You never know when you are going to damage a vane so these are a great thing to keep around for a Quik fix.Easy to install and easy to replace. To install the Quik Fletch: boil water, place the Quik Fletch at desired location on arrow shaft and nock end, submerge the Quik Fletch in the boiling water and let the Quik Fletch dry.
Easy Installation
Submerge in boiling water to activate
Store in a cool place until use
5.25″ Long, 27 grains
Proudly Made in America



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Dimensions 5.3 x 8.55 x 1.85 in