Boker King Cutter Straight Razor Black Synthetic Handle


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The King Cutter guarantees a royal start into the day. The absolute classic in the Boker program makes men’s hearts skip a beat. The King Cutter has been a firm component of the Boker Straight Razor program since the start of the 20th century. With its practical 5/8″ blade, it is the ideal knife for every morning, easy to use, and provides a very good shave even for inexperienced users. The non-stainless blade is made from best Solingen Straight Razor steel and easily handles everyday shaving. The blade is made by hand with an extra-hollow grind with belly. Inclusive authentic Boker stamp in blade. Delivered in historic packaging and certificate of authenticity.
Blade Material: Carbon steel
Handle Material: Synthetic
Point: Round point
Color: Black
Made in Germany


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