Cold Steel Garden and Camp Machete – 97GSM


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Our Garden & Camp Machete is our interpretation of a much-used agricultural tool from Africa. Cold Steels President Lynn C Thompson has used them for many years, building blinds and hides and cutting grass when prepping shelters during his time hunting in Africa. He was impressed by their simple, utilitarian design and he soon realized that he always made sure there was at least one of these tools on hand before embarking on any prolonged hunting trip. It therefore made a lot of sense for him to begin exploring his own version of this African tool for an international audience.Incredibly intuitive to use, the Garden & Camp Machete is a quick study in economy of motion. By slightly bending your knees and leisurely swinging the machete with a back and forth motion, you can make short work of many cutting tasks. Use it to trim the grass and weeds from your garden, or as a lightweight and handy cutting tool to clear brush from camp sites, hunting blinds and shooting lanes. Use it as a probe in long grass to look for obstructions, obstacles or varmints. In a last ditch self-defense situation the Garden & Camp Machete is lighting fast, with exceptional reach and a formidable cutting edge that can strike from many different angles. Its strong, sharp and long double edged blade is super lightweight and a breeze to carry and use all day. Throw it in the trunk of your car, hang it from the back door of your cabin, keep it near your tent when camping or lash it to your backpack. Youll find you quickly cant imagine leaving the house for an outdoor adventure without one!
1055 Carbon Steel W/ Black Baked On Anti Rust Matte Finish
2mm Blade Thickness
32 1/2″ Overall Length
6 1/2 Polypropylene Handle
26″ Blade Length



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Weight 1.36 lbs
Dimensions 6.9 x 33.55 x 3.65 in

Cold, Steel