Cold Steel Torpedo Thrower 80TOR


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Heavy and nicely balanced, the Torpedo is a lot of fun for target throwing because it’s an easy throw from almost any distance. The double tapered points slide effortlessly from the hand for a great release and offer twice the sticking potential of a conventional throwing knife. What’s more, the heavy 2 lb. weight lets you stand way back from the target (20 yards or more) and really “lob them in there” with surprising force. When thrown with skill, the Torpedo delivers enough raw power and lethal penetration to cleanly dispatch animals up to coyote size. Just look at all the advantages it offers for hunting and survival situations. Two points offer twice the potential for sticking, making range estimation less critical. Unlike its skinny, lightweight competitors, the Torpedo is made from cold rolled 1055 Carbon steel. It is zone heat treated to provide maximum resistance to breakage. The end result is a thrower that hits so hard it can pulverize a concrete block, even when striking on the flat. At 15″, the Torpedo is one of the longest throwing knives around. Thrown hand over hand or side arm, it cuts a wide swath, dramatically increasing the chance of intercepting rising birds or fleeing small game. Because the Torpedo can be thrown without noise, even a near miss often will not scare away the quarry or spook other game in the general vicinity. Since the Torpedo can only be thrown within the limits of its user’s skill and strength it poses little danger to domesticated animals, and can serve admirably in areas where firearms usage is prohibited or too dangerous.
4-way Clip. Screw-together construction
Skeletonized steel internal liners. Phosphor bronze washers
FRN Bi-Directional Textured handle
David Boye Dent. Enlarged opening hole
Spine jimping. Flat saber-ground blade


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Weight 2.07 lbs
Dimensions 1.5 × 15.8 × 1.3 in

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