CRKT Radic Assisted 3.3 in Plainedge Blade Black G10 Handle


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Ingenuity incarnate. If theres one universal truth to the man behind the Radic, its that if he wants something done, hell do it himself. That was true when, at age 15, Ken Steigerwalt made his first knife sitting at his kitchen table, and its certainly true now as he releases this smarter, simpler, tougher everyday carry knife.If youre looking for something muted, covert, and slightly boring, dont check Ken Steigerwalts garage in Orangeville, Pennsylvania. Ken is the type of guy that toes the line between knife designer and artist, and the Radic everyday carry folding knife is definitive proof.The first clue that this is no ordinary everyday carry (it is named after the word radical, after all) is the eye-catching modified sheepsfoot blade complete with a satin finish. One push on the blades prominent thumb stud, and youll be sure its a showpiece. Manually open the blade 30 degrees, and the OutBurst spring assisted mechanism jumps to life, completing the rotation until its caught by the locking liner and secured in place. Extended jimping on the backstrap finishes the sleek look.Tough G10 handles prove that a true artist knows form follows function. Theyre at once incredibly durable, easy to keep ahold of no matter the conditions, and shaped perfectly to balance out the burly blade. Kens not one to play by the rules. The artful utility of the Radic shows his true colors.How OutBurst Assisted Opening WorksSimply manually open the blade up to 30 degrees and the patented OutBurst assisted opening mechanism springs the knife fully open so that youre good to go. The powerful spring also holds the blade securely closed when not in use.
Outburst assisted opening
Thumb Stud Blade Deployment
Satin Blade Finish
Designed By Ken Steigerwalt
Lifetime Warranty
Plain Blade Edge


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