CRKT Rasp Folder 3.67 in Plainedge Blade Stainless Handle


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Sometimes, it IS about the size of the dog in the fight. Retired Sergeant Major and designer Darrin Sirois knew what he was doing when he took a pencil to paper and dreamt up the RASP. Deployment-ready, ridiculously strong, and incredibly sleek, this stout tactical knife is made for mission. As a Green Beret, Darrin Sirois of Fayetteville, North Carolina is the kind of guy that expects his knives and tools to take hard abuseand he designed the RASP tactical knife to accept the challenge head on. R.A.S.Pstands for Rescue and Special Purpose and itll do just that and so much more. The blade is at once a workhorse and a head turnertheres simply nothing else quite like it. Its a modified Wharncliffe, dubbed, Warn Clip, in Darrins terms, and features a subtle recurve. Though barely detectable just by looking at it, it effectively elongates the cutting surface, and gives it a distinctly unique style.Deployed from its stainless steel handles with an unobtrusive flipper or a right-handed thumb stud, the blade is anchored in place by a burly frame lock. Nearly every last detail of the RASP features a stonewash finish, so its as sleek as it is powerful and resists rust and wear even in tough conditions. Where this knife is headed, oversized seems just right.
Stonewash Finish
Flipper Opening or Thumb Stud Blade Deployment
Frame Lock
Designed By Darrin William Sirois
Lifetime Warranty
Plain Blade Edge


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