Excalibur Firebolt Illuminated Carbon Arrows 20in. 3pk


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Excalibur’s exclusive FireBolt Carbon Arrows are designed specifically to deliver optimum speed and accuracy with high performance recurve crossbows when using broadheads. Developed in cooperation with Easton, FireBolt Carbon Arrows feature a flatback (no nock) insert for more reliable string contact, reinforced spines and 4″ vanes. Included is the amazing illuminated Lumenok’s in this 3-pack. Model 22CAVIL-3
Lumenock is activated by the accelerative force placed on it when shot from the crossbow
Lighted insert aids the shooter by providing an illuminated path to the target & will assist in arrow location
Equipped w/Burt Coyote���s (.3015 dia. EXCF) Lumenock illuminated inserts that have been professionally installed


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