Lansky Standard Sharpening Sys LKC03


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The Ultimate in Knife Sharpening Systems Technology Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use. The Lansky Controlled Angle Sharpening System is designed to give your blade a professional, razor sharp edge every time. Includes coarse (120 grit), medium (280 grit) and fine hones (600 grit). Precision-engineered, multi-angle, flip-over knife clamp. Sharpening hones on color-coated, finger-grooved safety holders. One guide rod for each honing stone. Specially formulated honing oil. Custom molded storage/carrying case to hold all system components.
Kit includes : knife clamp; 3 sharpening hones (coarse; med; fine); guide rods; oil
For straight-edge knives
easy to put a sharp, even edge on your knifes


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