Martin Archery Jaguar Elite Water Reaper Camo 29# Bow


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The design will strike you when you see the Martin Archery Jaguar Elite Water Reaper Camo 29lb Bow and just how beautiful its design is. Martin Jaguar is vibration-free and comfortable when held and shot. Jaguar riser is lightweight and sturdy thanks to aluminum and magnesium. A stabilizer and other accessories can be easily attached to it easily. The arrow rest is adjustable and the limbs are made from wood and laminated with fiberglass which makes them resilient to bending.
Well balanced bow
Ability to mount sight, rest, and quiver
Metal riser with wood limbs
Lightweight frame and silky smooth draw
vibration-free and comfortable


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Weight 3.04 lbs
Dimensions 9.4 x 2.7 x 26.5 in

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