Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid 4 Blade Crossbow Broadhead 100gr


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The Muzzy Trocar Hybrid X Crossbow model features a steel ferrule with a chisel tip and provides a fixed 1″ cutting diameter with a 1 5/8″ rear deploying expandable cutting diameter. Offset fixed blades induce spin on the arrow as it flies, improving accuracy. Each broadhead weighs 100 grains. Comes in packs of 3.
1��� fixed blade cutting diameter
1 5/8��� expandable cutting diameter
Offset fixed blades to induce spin
Steel ferrule with chisel tip
Weighs 100 grains
Standard and crossbow model
Comes in packs of 3


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Weight 0.75 lbs
Dimensions 11.0 x 7.0 x 1.0 in