Snugpak Jungle Bag Desert Sand Right Hand Zip


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The Jungle Bag is an ideal sleeping bag for tropical conditions. Snugpak has engineered the Jungle bag with a specific weight of Travelsoft insulation to maximize the efficiency and needs of those individuals using it. Travelsoft insulation was selected and chosen for its exceptional performance in hot and humid conditions. Not to mention with the outstanding design efforts of Snugpak’s engineers and design team along with the Travelsoft insulation allows the Jungle Bag to pack smaller than a coconut. Also with its square foot design and zipper placement the Jungle bag can be opened out into a blanket for more versatility when traveling, or just as a barrier between you and what you are about to lay on. Another great feature of the Jungle Bag is its concealed roll away mosquito netting which can be zipped over the face sealing the Jungle Bag giving you protection against mosquitoes, snakes, etc.
Paratex antibacterial micro diamond shell
Paratex antibacterial tactile liner
Square foot design
Zipper placement allows bag to open out into a blanket
Roll away mosquito netting gives you visibility of your surroundings, access to fresh air, and protection from insects, snakes, etc.
Packs smaller than a coconut 6 in x 7 in
Temperature rating 45 degrees, low 36 degrees


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Weight 2.03 lbs
Dimensions 11.1 x 13.2 x 6.8 in