Spyderco Assist Carbide Knife C79PSOR Carbide Tip Orange


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The Spyderco Assist Carbide Knife has an orange tip. It is a knife designed for emergancy situations, as well as for well-equipped civilians who rely on knives to function in unexpected, high pressure situations. It features a patented, blunt-tipped blade made of VG-10 material that has a toothed spyderedged surface for rapid slicing of seat belts and fiberous material. It has a wavy,die-cut pattern along the blunt side of the blade and the inside handle was specifically designed by Swedish firefigher, and enables quick rope cutting by sqeezing handle and blade together.
Cobra Hood that prepositions the thumb (even gloved) over the opening hole for assured open/close and also functions as a slip resistant thumb platform during cutting.
Patented lift-and-pry blunt tip
High decible emergency whistle
Retractible and replaceable carbide glass-breaker
Orange handle and blade concavities anchor a rope/line positioned between the partially open blade and the handle, allowing you to sever (like cutting with scissors) rope/cord and trim fly-a-ways with having to fully open the blade
Blade Length (Inches): 3.69, Length Open: 8.38, Length Closed:4.88 , Thickness: 0.125
Material: Blade – VG-10, Handle – FRN(Partially Serrated Edge)


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