Spyderco Ronin 2 Fixed Blade Knife


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Ronin 2 is based on a custom knife Janich commissioned from knifemaker Mickey Yurco. Its blade is crafted from Carpenter CTS BD1. Deep hollow-ground bevels on each side of the wharncliffe blade define a perfectly straight cutting edge. To ensure maximum strength and a deft balance, the Ronin 2 features a skeletonized full tang capped by thin textured black G-10 scales that guarantee a positive grip while allowing the knife to be easily carried and concealed. At the junction of the handle and blade, the tapered, ergonomic profile of the handle flares to create a very effective integral guard that protects the user’s hand from sliding forward onto the edge. For maximum versatility, the Ronin 2 comes equipped with a custom-molded Boltaron sheath and a G-Clip attachment that supports both belt carry and clip-style inside-the-waistband carry. The G-Clip is also configurable for vertical, horizontal, or diagonally canted carry and can be attached to both faces of the symmetrical sheath.
Designed by michael janich
Hollow-ground cts Bd1 wharncliffe blade
Black textured G-10 scales on a skeletonized full tang
Integral guard for hand Protection
Custom-molded boltaron sheath with g-clip attachment
Blade Length 4.08″
CTS BD1 Steel Blade/G-10 Handle


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