TacStar Slimline SideSaddle Shell Holder Mossberg 500-590


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The Slimline SideSaddle provides convenient placement of shells, right where you need them for a fast reload. It utilizes a non-glare, anodized aluminum backing plate material traditional to the SideSaddle, but the plate is contoured so that it takes up less space on the receiver and has fewer areas that could potentially snag. Additionally, shell carrier itself is constructed of proprietary flexible, synthetic rubber material, which offers durability and weather resistance as well as secure shell retention. The shell carrier also is small in size, adding to its sleek appearance. For 12 gauge only.
Sleek, slimline appearance
Strong, rigid, non-glare aluminum backing plate
Durable, flexible synthetic rubber shell carrier with secure shell retention
Reduced size and streamlined shape reduce chances of snagging
Fits Mossberg 500/590
For 12 gauge only


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