Tapco Remington Forend STK55301 Black


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The INTRAFUSE Shotgun Forend is a modular piece that provides you with the options to get the job done your way. You’ll first feel the form fitting shape that not only provides ample grip, but also flares out at the top to keep those fingers from getting pinched or burned. Along the bottom there are 4 ports that can be opened to allow an included Picatinny rail to mount for flash lights or vertical grips. So you don’t want the rail… no problem. There’s also the option of using those ports to attach the included adjustable hand strap. The hand strap allows you to use your strong hand to draw you sidearm or perform other tasks, while maintaining control of your shotgun. Works with most side saddle shell holders.Designed for use in the Remington 12ga 870. Manufactured from high strength reinforced composite. Item Includes the Shotgun Forend for the Remington 12ga 870, Removable Lower Picatinny Rail, Adjustable Hand Strap and 4 Plug Inserts (used when using the forend without the rail or strap). Color is Black.


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