Soft Shell Hunting Blinds

Primos The Club XXL Blind

• Base Dimensions: 58” x 58”

• Hub to Hub: 77”

• Height: 78”

• Weight: Approx. 21.5 lbs (23.5 lbs with Bag)

•DuraMatte HD Fabric – soft, quiet and low sheen for blending into natural surroundings

• NEW SS Hook™ Blind Windows are deadly silent, secure and quick to open/close

• Max-View Window Openings for less obstruction, more effective surveillance, and more shooting flexibility

• Brush Deception™ brush holders line the roof for easy addition of sticks, branches, and leaves.

• 2 interior gear pockets, replaceable shoot-through mesh window panels, 4 ground stakes in interior stake pocket, light/scent blind base flaps, Phantom Pro® dark black interior

Ameristep Doghouse Blind

Ameristep Doghouse Blind Details:
• Realtree Xtra™ camo pattern
• Shoot-through mesh
• Ideal for firearm hunting
• Portable and compact concealment
• 60" Shooting width x 66" Tall


  • Realtree® Max-5 camo pattern
  • Durashell Plus camo fabric
  • Rip cord release quickly opens roof hatch
  • Brush loops throughout for adding natural cover
  • 60" square x 60" tall

Ghost Blind Predator 360

  • The GhostBlind Predator is for hunters that like to sit comfortably in a chair
  • Use with gun, compound bow, cross bow or traditional bow
  • 4 reflective panels mirror the earth's floor
  • The reflective panels tilt forward eliminating any glare from the sun or sky
  • Game cannot see itself because of the reflective panels tilting forward
  • Dimensions: 102”W x 46”H
  • Lightweight – 12 lbs
  • Constructed with unbreakable, waterproof plastic panels
  • Increase the height 7” with the optional Predator Extenders
  • Extra Panels available for more coverage.
  • Carry with the 1.5” carry strap or optional Predator Carry Pack
  • Quickly stake down blind with tent stakes & tie downs. See How to Anchor
  • Includes: 4 Panel Predator Blind, 1.5” carry strap, 4 tent stakes, 4 tie downs, 2 bungee cords & Instructions


Ghost Blind Runner 6 Panel 

  • For the hunter on the move who likes to sit directly on the ground
  • Great for turkeys, deer or predators with a gun or cross bow
  • At only 8 lbs, the Runner makes for easy carry and quick re-location
  • Add 6.25″ to the top
  • Carry with carry strap or optional Pack-N-Rest
  • Quickly stake down blind with tent stakes. 
  • Constructed with unbreakable, waterproof plastic
  • 6 reflective mirror panels
  • Dimensions: 98″W x 26″H
  • Only 26″ x 16.5″ when folded
  • Perfect for pre-season scouting

Ghost Blind Waterfowl

  • Waterfowl Blind is designed specifically for Waterfowl Hunting
  • 4 Unbreakable Reflective Panels mirror the surrounding environment
  • Lightweight, only 15.5 lbs
  • Folds up for easy carry and transport
  • Folded Size – 55″ x 23″
  • Opened Size – 55″H x 92″W
  • Add second Waterfowl Blind for 360 concealment
  • Constructed with unbreakable, waterproof plastic
  • Stand up to shoot over the top when game is in range
  • Anchor to the ground with your existing wooden stakes 

Down&Out Panel Blind


  • Panel dimensions: 35” x 60”

  • Blind diameter: 72”

  • Height at peak: 76”

  • Door dimensions: 35” x 60”

  • Window dimensions: Gun – 15”w x 14”h; Bow – 9”w x 25”h

  • Weight: 61 lbs.

 BlindFold folding panel design – No hubs. No Rods. No Hassles.

✓ Two minute setup; one minute takedown